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Our firm was born in the fifties in Rosà, moving to the Rossano Veneto in 1974.
In over 40 years, we have been giving consistent and reliable answers to the always new industrial requirements, more and more oriented in using high quality components.
Our experience shaped a high degree of specialization, together with new solutions for multiple technologies: an increasingly rapid sequence of innovative realizations made of us a reference point for numerous productive areas, both national and international.

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Our company growth brings to the construction of a new productive unit in Grigno (Trento), in the first 90s.
This establishment is particularly due to the production of nitrogen cylinders for dies, and permits to get even better products with full usage of quality assurence procedures.<

Both in Grigno and in Rossano Veneto, the productive process is completed within the company, thoroughly checked in every production phase. Thanks to these choices, which made our products even more reliable, in 1995 we obtained, as the first company in the sector, the UNI-EN ISO 9002 quality certification.